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Getting noticed in a visual world

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing, selling or providing services, you need to stand out from your competition. One way to do that is through stunning business photography that demonstrates your uniqueness and quality - your selling point.

We provide a number of business photography services from business headshots, group portraits, industrial photography, product photography and commercial photography for brochures, training or operating manuals and for general business marketing.

Commercial photographer, Denville, Morris County

Industrial Photography

Turning nuts and bolts into photographic art

Have an impressive factory space or a one-of-a-kind machine that needs to be photographed but you just haven’t been able to do it justice? Using strategically placed lighting and colored filters taken right out of the theatre world, we are able to dramatically enhance an industrial scene or piece of machinery.

We are able to isolate complex machinery from its environment and by air brushing shadows by hand we are able to make it appear as though it was photographed in a studio. This is perfect for marketing materials, brochures, training manuals or just as stand alone photographs to wow your clients when they enter your waiting room.

Commercial photographer, Denville, Morris County

Product Photography & Catalog Photography

Widgets, gizmos and thingamajigs oh my!

You’ve worked hard to make it, now let us help you sell it. Whether it’s a cold steel chisel or a beautiful flower arrangement, having incredible photographs really helps keep them flying off the shelves. Every product is different and needs to be treated differently when being photographed. Yes, we can do standard white background photographs for catalogs and websites but we can also create unique settings and lighting that are in keeping with the object being photographed. Hard edged, high contrast, cold colored light and a sheet of diamond plate would look fantastic for the steel chisel but isn’t going to work for the flowers which need soft light, fresh colors and a serene setting.

We can work on location for larger sized objects or if the items can be shipped to us, we’re able to take a little more time and get creative in our studio.

Commercial photographer, Denville, Morris County

Commercial Photography

Make your business stand out in a visual age

We live in a visual age where images battle for our attention. We can help your message get the attention it deserves with stunning commercial photography and creative photo editing services. Our high end photographs adorn the pages of corporate annual reports, glossy brochures, training manuals, marketing materials and product literature alike.

Posed office and executive business photographs. Staged lab or engineering photographs. Corporate headshots and group photographs. Architectural, realestate and environment photographs. All professionally and creatively lit to create the appropriate ambiance and brand message.

Our commercial business photography services will make your business to stand out in a visual world.


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