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Tales of a Portrait Photographer

Take a peek into the life of a portrait photographer. Here you'll find all kinds of stories and anecdotes as my days unfold.

Dance photographer

Little Basketball Star

Lebron feelin' the heat

I'd just like to point out that it's quite dangerous trying to balance a newborn on a basketball so that's why this shot is a Photoshop composite. The baby was photographed reclining in his father's lap holding the ball. The ball was then photographed against the background and the two images shopped together. A few shadows airbrushed in for realism, some dodging and burning and hey presto, newborn basketball player with his sights set on Lebron.

You can see more images from this session here

Newborn portrait photographer creates stunning pieces of art.


Dance photographer

Wellie, we'll miss you!

Sad passing of one of our pet friends

We were saddened to learn this week that one of our pet friends, "The Duke of Wellington," passed away unexpectedly. Wellie, we'll miss you.

Dog portrait photographer - Morris County, NJ


Dance photographer

Denville Centennial Portraits

A personal portrait experience

Continuing with our Centennial Personal Portrait sessions, here are a few of the latest ones. Most people think of photographers when there's a special family occasion or a need for a really great business portrait, but our personal portrait sessions that celebrate Denville's Centennial have really opened up people's imaginations. A personal portrait is a portrait of how you would want to be remembered by your family in another 100 years. There really are no limits to the creative process and we seem to come up with some really great ideas.

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Creative artistic portraits photography studio

Creative edgy portrait studio Morris County

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Dance photographer

Ballet Enchante

Sell out performance was amazing!!!

Wow - what an amazing performance by Ballet Enchante. We hosted their ballet troup this weekend and boy did they put on a show. Everyone had front row seats for this enthralling show of ballet prowess as 7 amazing semi-professional dancers performed to the music of George Gershwin. Thanks to everyone that helped put the show together and for the many fans that made this a sell our performance.

Ballet dance photography studio

Ballet dance photographer - dance photography studio

Dance photography studio - Denville, NJ

Dance portfolio - dance portraits

Dance photographer

Denville Centennial Parade Photographs

June 9, 2013

Both my boys marched in the parade this weekend so I had a good workout trying to split my time between both groups of scouts. Good job Pack 99 and Troop 17. And of course everyone else and all the other groups that took part in the parade either as a marcher or as a spectator.

Just finished uploading the pictures - click here to enjoy

Go Denville!!!

Denville Centennial Parade Photographs


Dance photographer

Victoria St.Martin

A venerable power house

We don't normally name people in our blog, but Vickie is one exceptional person with an exceptional story. Vickie contacted me a while ago as she was preparing to face her two-year cancerversary. That's two years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 30.

Working with her on this project I soon realized why she is a survivor. I don't think I've ever met anyone with so much positive energy. I swear the lights got brighter as soon as she walked through the door and flashed that cancer kickin smile at me.

I share something in common with Vickie and that is an attraction to the looks of chunky wool sweaters but an almost equal aversion to how much they itch. In Vickie's case, her favorite wool sweater turned out to be a real blessing and a life saver. During one particularly itchy sweater fest, she scratched so much that there was a need for some good old Neosporin. Right underneath the itch was a definite bump which immediately put Vickie in action hero mode.

Thanks to a quick discovery and quick action, she is now cancer free and telling the world about it. You can visit Vickie at her website for more information and to find out how you can help her raise awareness.


Click to see more pictures of Vickie

Cancer survivor photographs

Cancer survivor portraits - photography studio

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Dance photographer

Willow Tree Dance Academy

Dance portraits in Sparta

Thanks again to Willow Tree Dance Academy in Sparta for letting us photograph their dancers at their fantastic dance studio. I will post more photographs here shortly so you can see just how amazing these kids are.

Dance portraits - dance photographer


Senior portrait sessions by Denville Photographer, Mat Robinson

Ballet Enchante to Perform at Enduring Images

June 22, 6:00pm

Our friends at Ballet Enchante are performing a tribute to George Gershwin at our studio on June 22, at 6:00pm.

Click here for more information.

As usual, we had a great time capturing some amazing "retro" portraits of these phenomenal people as well as some crazy action shots of inhuman leaps.

Dance photography studio, Denville, NJ


Senior portrait sessions by Denville Photographer, Mat Robinson

Dogs Gone Wild - Denville

Cooks Pond, May 2013

We had a great day and made lots of new friends (four legged and two legged) at the Denville "Dogs Gone Wild" event this Sunday. Perfect weather, great BBQ, and dogs frolicking in the water and having a blast with over 80 other dogs. It was also a great chance for dog owners to meet and share dog stories with each other.

Click here to view the images

Dog portraits at Dogs Gone Wild, Denville, NJ, May 2013

Dog portrait photographer


Senior portrait sessions by Denville Photographer, Mat Robinson

Senior Portraits - Big Beat Edition

A musical portrait session

Teens and seniors are who they are. It's important as a portrait photographer to capture the personality of the person being photographed. Hobbies, sports, fashion and music are just a few of the many great things that teens are passionate about.

Fun senior portraits, Denville, NJ

Teen fashion models Morris County

Teen portraits - Photographer, Morris County

Senior prom portraits

Creative senior portraits for teens, Morris County



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